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Do You Need a Pediatric Specialist?

Eye problems can happen at any age. If your child is having issues with their vision or is experiencing pain in their eyes, you need to take them to an optometrist in Miami Beach that can figure out what the problem is. Any optometrist will be able to examine a child’s eyes, but there may be a special circumstances that require your child to be seen by a pediatric specialist. Finding the right eye doctor in Miami Beach is important because you want to make sure that your child is being treated properly and is also in a caring environment that will make them feel at ease.

What Determines if Your Child Needs a Pediatric Specialist?

An eye doctor in Miami will be able to observe the development of your child’s eyes and ensure that any issues are being dealt with right away. You need to make sure that your child is having regular eye exams so they don’t experience any difficulties in their youth. When a child needs glasses and is constantly squinting to see, they are likely going to deal with headaches and other problems that may hinder their development overall. It’s also important to have your child’s eyes examined by a Miami Beach eye doctor shortly after birth and up to age four; their eyes will be developing rapidly during this period. Here are a few things that may warrant a visit to a pediatric specialist:

● Constant squinting. If you notice that your child is always squinting, then they are likely going to need glasses so they can see clearly. A pediatric specialist can examine your child’s eyes and give them a prescription even if they are too young to speak.

● Chronic redness. If you have noticed that your child’s eyes are always red, it may be because of an issue that needs to be addressed by an optometrist.

● Misalignment of the eyes. Some children’s eye muscles don’t develop correctly and they move without proper coordination. If your child’s eyes aren’t moving in conjunction with each other, visit a pediatric optometrist to have them examined.

● Sensitivity to light. Some children need to see an eye specialist because they have a hard time dealing with bright environments. Photosensitivity is an indicator of other medical issues that will need attention.

What to Expect From a Pediatric Specialist

When taking your child to a pediatric specialist, you can feel confident that your kids are going to be treated gently. Many children are uncomfortable being examined by someone they don’t know, and a pediatric specialist recognizes this. This is why they will do everything they can to make the environment more comfortable for a small child. The specialist will also be sure to keep you well informed of any concerns they have about your child’s eyes.

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