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Exploring the Mystery of the Human Eyeball

Any Miami optometrist will tell you that the human eye is one of the most intricate and useful organs in the entire body. While it’s one of the smallest organs, it’s complexity is on par with that of the human brain. There are so many parts of the eye that work in conjunction with each other to allow a person to see as they do, and the organ functions completely without conscious thought. There are also other interesting things about the eye, such as the reason people need to wear eyeglasses in Miami Beach. The shape of a person’s cornea is the reason they will have a vision impairment issue, not the inner workings of the eye– as some people believe.

Interesting Facts About the Human Eye

Because the human eyes are so complex, there are many interesting things about them that most people don’t know. Eye doctors in Miami can tell you many amazing facts about the eyes that will help you to understand more about this impressive yet small organ.

● New eyelashes remain on the eyelid for about five months, and the total lashes shed by a human in their lifetime averages 98 feet!

● There are more than 2 million working parts of the human eyeball that allow it to function as efficiently as it does.

● Most people think that about ⅓ of the human eye is exposed at all times, but it’s really only about ⅙ of it; the eyeball is larger than most people think.

● The cornea (outermost layer of the eye) is the only tissue in the human body that doesn’t contain any blood.

● More than 80% of the memories people form are developed by the images that they see; memory is vastly different for those who were born blind. However, people who became blind can still see their dreams while asleep.

● A retina contains 256 unique characteristics, whereas a fingerprint only contains 40. This is why retinal scanners are used at high-security facilities.

● Humans and dogs are the only two known lifeforms that seek visual cues from looking at another’s eyes (dogs only do this when looking at humans, not at other dogs).

Leaning Useful Information About Your Eyes

If you are interested in learning more about your eyes, then you should make it a point to ask your Miami eye doctor what you would like to know more about on your next visit. Any eye doctor is going to be happy to educate you about your eyes because knowing certain things can help you remember to provide them with the care they deserve. While the eyes function without thought, they still need to be cared for appropriately!

photo credit: Quiet and shy Filipino boy via photopin (license)