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Minimizing Dryness as an Adult

One of the most common problems a Miami eye doctor sees a patient dealing with is dry eye. So many people suffer from this condition and allow it to turn into a big issue in the future. However, there are things that adults can do in order to reduce their dry eye and prevent it from coming back. Depending on what’s causing someone’s dry eye, the solution to their problem may be a simple one or it may be something that requires a prescription from their Miami Beach eye doctor. The only way to figure out what’s truly causing someone’s issue is to be examined by a doctor. The sooner someone with dry eye begins treatment, the better their quality of life will be.

Preventing Dry Eye

Those who are concerned about how dry their eyes are and the problems it will cause need to speak to their eye doctor in Miami Beach about their concerns. Addressing this issue as soon as possible is critical to prevent future eye infections.

● Having your tear ducts examined. If your ducts are not functioning normally, it may cause you to experience dry eyes on a daily basis.

● Examining the composition of your tears. Tears are supposed to be composed of a certain chemical ratio in order to remain on the surface of the eye for as long as they should be. If they do not consist of the correct chemicals, then the tears will evaporate too quickly and cause dry eyes.

● Wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Sometimes a person who is prescribed eyeglasses will not wear them as often as they should be, which allows wind and debris to get in their eyes. Wind is one of the top causes of adults dealing with dry eye, and wearing glasses can prevent it from getting into the eyes.

What Dry Eyes Can Cause

People who are dealing with dry eye for too long can develop some serious eye infections. The lack of fluid on the surface of the eye is going to allow bacteria a chance to cause an eye infection. The tears on the surface of the eye are designed to keep the eye moist, but they are also full of antibodies that will fight off bacteria and prevent it from causing a problem. People with dry eyes are also going to experience constant itching and redness. These problems are not ones that people want to deal with on a regular basis, especially since an infection could cause someone’s eyes to become damaged.

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