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What Medications to Use for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are something that Miami Beach eye doctors see on a daily basis. People come in when their eyes are itchy and uncomfortable, or when they are so dry that they are actually swollen. The severity of which someone suffers from dry eyes will determine their symptoms, but the condition overall is not one that should be left unchecked for too long. There are many things you can do on your own to treat your dry eyes, but there are also things an eye doctor in Miami can prescribe you with that will help reduce the inflammation and keep your eyes lubricated. There are even eye drops you can use to increase your natural tear production so your dry eye problems go away for good.

The Best Dry Eye Treatments and Medications

If you notice that your eyes are constantly dry, then you will likely need a prescription from an eye doctor in Miami Beach. However, if you only experience dry eyes only in certain situations or for short periods of time, then you can likely do plenty of things to resolve your issues without making an appointment with the eye doctor. Here are some of the best medications for dry eyes:

● Clear Eyes for Dry Eyes. This is an over-the- counter medication that is affordable and helps many people deal with their dry eye symptoms. If you find that you’re using more than 8-10 drops per day, though, then you should speak with your eye doctor about the problem.

● Prescription drops for corneal or eyelid inflammation. These will need to be obtained from your eye doctor, but they will help you deal with the symptoms of your dry eyes.

● A procedure to close your tear ducts. Your tears may be draining too fast, in which case the ducts can be closed to allow them to stay on the surface of your eyes for longer. This is a relatively minor procedure and it helps many people eradicate their dry eye issue.

● Tear stimulating prescriptions. There are eye drops your doctor can give you that will actually help your body to produce more tears naturally. Restasis is one example of this type of product.

The Importance of Resolving Your Dry Eye Problem

If you are supposed to be wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach but know that you don’t put them on too often, then you may be suffering from dry eyes because of this alone. The extra strain you’re putting your eyes through can easily cause them to be overly dry throughout the day. It’s critical that you find a way to resolve this issue as soon as possible, whether on your own or with the help of a doctor. Dry eyes can lead to pain and discomfort, and they can also eventually lead to an eye infection or more severe health problems.

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