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5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Eyes

If you’re concerned about maintaining healthy vision, you probably make frequent appointments with your eye doctor. This is great! An eye doctor is going to provide the best information on what you need to retain your eyesight. But there are some general eye care tips that everybody can take advantage of without needing a doctor’s approval.

Before you make an appointment with your eye doctor, it’s a good idea to start doing basic things to improve your vision and get the most out of your visit. Because anybody can develop a condition, it’s important to take advantage of these general eye health tips.

5 Things Everybody Can Do to Retain Quality Sight

Each patient is different and may have a unique form of care prescribed by their eye doctor. For this reason, you should get eye exams regularly and listen to your doctor’s advice when it comes to caring for your particular set of eyes. These tips will help you ensure your eye health is always at its best:

1) Get at least 6-8 hours of rest each night. Going without sleep is going to put a huge strain on your eyes and can cause damage.

2) If you wear contacts, care for them properly and follow the directions. Misusing your contacts can lead to serious eye conditions.

3) If you’ve been prescribed eyeglasses, wear them everywhere you go. Not wearing your glasses can result in eye strain that’ll eventually cause bigger problems.

4) Eat foods that are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These things can be found in supplement form, but there are also natural foods that have these nutrients as well.

5) Exercise your eyes at least two or three times per week. Move your eyes around in different directions to ensure your ocular muscles are being properly stretched. You should also put an object close to your face so you can focus on it, then switch to focusing on something in the background. These exercises will help your vision stay sharp.

Additional Tips

People who suffer from dry eyes all the time may just need to remain hydrated. It’s important to drink the daily recommended amount of water to keep your organs functioning properly, including your eyes. If your optical problems extend further than what most people deal with on a daily basis, then consult your eye doctor to find out any extra eye care tips.

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