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Lens FAQs

Many people will make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami Beach because they are having problems with the natural lens of their eye. This lens is what is responsible for a person’s ability to focus on objects close up and far away. It’s also where cataracts can develop, resulting in diminished eyesight. The lens works in conjunction with the cornea to properly bend light so that it lands on the retina in the back of the eye correctly. Light first passes through the cornea, then the pupil, and next the lens. If someone is having trouble focusing on objects distant or far, it may mean that they are having a problem with the lens in their eye. Your Miami eye doctor will be able to examine your eye and find out if the lens is causing problems, or if it’s another portion of your eye.

The Functions of the Lens

The lens is responsible for focus, which is why a person can read a book up close and look at a road sign far away. Its shape can change based on what a person is looking at because it’s controlled by muscles attached to it. People who think they are having problems with this part of their eye need to consult eye doctors in Miami right away.

● The muscles that control the lens of the eye are known as ciliary muscles.

● The lens consists of three major parts: the lens capsule, the the lens epithelium, and the lens fibers.

● The lens fibers form the major portion of the lens.

● The lens of a person’s eye can actually be replaced with an artificial one.

Lens Problems

One of the most common problems an optometrist in Miami Beach sees with a person’s lens is cataracts. This is a buildup of protein deposits on the front of the lens, which can result in diminished eyesight. People who are suffering from this condition can have their issue corrected with a minor optical surgery. Cataract surgery is considered very safe because it doesn’t require going into the inner portions of the eye. However, there are other conditions which can affect a person’s natural lens, requiring it to be replaced with an artificial one.

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