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Learning More About Your Cornea

One of the most common reasons people make an appointment with eye doctors in Miami is because they are having focusing problems related to their cornea. The shape of the cornea is what causes people to be naturally near or farsighted, and this portion of the eye is credited with almost 70% of the eye’s total focusing power. In addition to focusing light onto the retina so people can see images clearly, it’s also responsible for acting as a protective layer for the other parts of the eye. The cornea prevents dust and germs from getting into the eyeball, so it’s a very important part of the eye. Those who are suffering from refractive problems related to their cornea simply need to get a prescription for eyeglasses in Miami Beach so they can see clearly again.

How the Cornea Functions

When you look at an object, light is reflected off it and picked up by your eyes. This light enters through the cornea, which focuses it and allows it to land on the retina. When people are near or farsighted, it’s because their cornea is misshapen and causes light to focus just before or after the retina. In most cases, a misshapen cornea is nothing to be concerned about and can easily be corrected with a prescription from your Miami eye doctor.

● The cornea, white portion of the eye (sclera), the eyelid, and eye socket are all responsible for protecting the eye against debris.

● The cornea works in conjunction with the natural lens of the eye to focus light properly.

● The shape of the cornea can be modified with laser surgery for permanent vision correction, but the same results can be achieved with contacts or glasses.

● The cornea heals quickly, and it’s kept moist in order to retain this ability.

Caring For Your Eyes

If you are going to make an appointment with your Miami optometrist because you’re concerned about keeping your eyes healthy, then you simply need to follow the directions your eye doctor gives you. In most cases, proper eye care is simple and doesn’t require any effort. Rest when your eyes are telling you they’re tired, don’t strain them too hard, keep your eyes lubricated, and be examined regularly. People who do this are sure to avoid any problems related to their cornea, and they are also sure to catch any problems before they become a problem in life.

photo credit: Clarity via photopin (license)