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Learning About Your Sclera

The sclera is the white portion of your eye that protects it from outside harm. The sclera also provides a place for extraocular muscles to attach themselves to, which help to control the movement of your eyes in general. Many people ask their Miami Beach eye doctor about this part of their eye because it’s the most apparent part when being physically looked at. While it does a good job of protecting the eye and is essential to every eyeball, it doesn’t have much function when it comes to a person’s ability to see. If you’re wondering about what this particular part of the eye does, then ask your eye doctor in Miami on your next routine visit.

What the Sclera Does

The sclera is covered by the conjunctiva, which is a clear, thin membrane that also protects the eye from outside harm. However, the conjunctiva only covers the front of the eye and the inside of the eyelids, whereas the sclera is the entirety of the outside portion of the eyeball. You will find out some interesting facts if you ask your doctor in Miami Beach about this part of your eye.

● The sclera is actually thickest in the back of the eyeball– the portion that is connected to the optic nerves.

● The sclera is actually broken up into three different parts: the episclera, the sclera proper, and the lamina fusca.

● There are a number of conditions that can affect the sclera, such as ectasia– which is a condition that’s diagnosed by a thinning/bulging of the sclera.

● The sclera has a rich blood supply, which helps to provide support for the rest of the eye.

Common Issues With the Sclera

While an optometrist in Miami Beach sometimes sees patients with serious problems regarding their sclera, the most common problem people have with this part of their eye is excessive redness. Redness in the sclera can be caused by a number of things, most commonly irritants and sleep deprivation. Those who are worried about the redness of their eyes can try simple over-the- counter drops to see if they alleviate the problem. However, those who are unable to get rid of their red eyes with drops from the drugstore may want to consult their doctor to find out what’s wrong.

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