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Learning About Your Iris

Most people know that the iris is the portion of their eye that contains color, but many people don’t know just what this part of the eye does. Those who are curious about this unique part of their eye may ask their Miami eye doctor just what is functions are. In addition to adding to someone’s physical appearance, the iris plays an important role in the function of the eye. The iris is responsible for controlling how much light is able to enter the pupil. When it’s lighter outside, the iris will expand, resulting in a smaller pupil that’s not absorbing too much light. When it’s dark outside, the iris will contract, resulting in a larger pupil that is able to soak up as much light as possible. Your eye doctor in Miami Beach will be able to explain just how this works even further.

The Importance of the Iris

The iris is located just behind the cornea of the eye, where light passes through first. People who have a misshapen cornea are going to suffer from visual problems and may need to be prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach. After light passes through the cornea, the iris is going to control the amount of light that gets passed on to the retina.

● The iris contains two layers, the stroma and the epithelial cells.

● The iris is attached to the ciliary body, which are the muscles that control how it expands and contracts.

● Both the iris and the ciliary body provide a means for fluid to drain from the eye, regulating intraocular pressure.

● The collarette is the thickest portion of the iris, separating it from the pupil and the ciliary body.

The Color of the Iris

The color of the iris is something that is determined by genetic makeup. Some people don’t know that there are actually those who have grey and black colored eyes, which are probably the most rare. When eye doctors in Miami find problems that people have with their iris, it’s usually related to the amount of fluid that’s being drained, which often results in a condition known as glaucoma. If fluid is not draining from the eye properly, the optic nerves can become damaged and a person can experienced diminished vision or complete vision loss.

photo credit: The indonesian girl via photopin (license)