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Learning About Tear Glands

Many patients are curious about their tear glands and ask their Miami eye doctor about them when they are in for a visit. The tear glands are actually present above the eyes and should not be confused with the tear ducts; the ducts are located below the eye and are what drains excess fluid from them. The gland is actually what’s responsible for developing tears and ensuring that they get wiped across the surface of the eyeball when someone blinks. Some people can develop issues with their tear glands, such as when they don’t produce enough tears naturally, but most problems with them can be addressed easily. Eye doctors in Miami can prescribe a special eye drop that will stimulate the gland into producing more tears for those who have chronic dry eye because of this.

Facts About the Tear Glands and its Functions

While most people know that tears are essential to keeping their eyes lubricated, many people don’t know much beyond that. Here are some facts you may find out about if you choose to ask your eye doctor in Miami Beach about your tear glands:

● The actual tear gland is also known as the lacrimal gland.

● Crying can make people feel better, especially when they are emotionally distraught.

● Suppressing the need to cry can actually result in a lower state of mental health and a lack of feeling well overall.

● Babies cry anywhere from 1 to 3 hours every day, on average.

● PLC (Pathological Laughing and Crying) is a condition where people may sometimes laugh or cry uncontrollably.

Caring For Your Tear Glands

Because the tear glands are present inside your eyes and function of their own accord, there’s not much you can do to ensure they are cared for properly. You can only be on the lookout for if your eyes become too dry for extended periods of time. In some cases, people who are having troubles with the amount of natural tears they produce can be prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach to prevent their eyes from drying out too quickly. Non-prescription glasses can be a great way for someone to keep wind from drying their eyes out too fast. Be sure to watch out for how dry your eyes are throughout your life; chronic dry eye is a condition that can cause some serious repercussions if not dealt with properly.

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