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Learning About Pterygium

Eye doctors in Miami often see surfers and other outdoor athletes that are suffering from a pterygium. This condition is noticeable by a pink, fleshy-like tissue that grows on the conjunctiva– the clear tissue that coats the surface of the eye and the insides of the eyelids. This condition can sometimes progress to the point that it’s causing visual problems, but it usually doesn’t get to that point before someone notices it. Your Miami Beach eye doctor will tell you that this condition often has no symptoms, but it sometimes causes discomfort and a gritty feeling in those who have them. A pinguecula is a related condition and may appear before a pterygium, but this isn’t always the case.

Available Treatment Options for Pterygium

If you have been diagnosed by your Miami optometrist with a pterygium, then you are probably concerned about how they are going to help you get rid of it. Surgery, especially around the sensitive eyes, can be scary for most people. However, this isn’t the first option that doctors will suggest.

● Because people notice this condition before it becomes severe, it is often treated with special eye drops that prevent inflammation and redness.

● If the eye drops aren’t effective, an ointment can be prescribed that will be more potent than the eye drops. This is usually a secondary option because ointments are harder for people to apply to their own eyes than drops are.

● Steroid eye drops can be prescribed if the drops or ointments aren’t working.

● In rare cases of severe pterygium, surgical removal may be necessary.

When Pterygium Becomes a Problem

If your eyesight is at risk, treatments aren’t working, or it continues to come back after using prescribed drugs, then your eye doctor in Miami may suggest surgery to remove the tissue. This is only in drastic cases where your eyesight is at risk of becoming impaired, though. However, most people notice that they have a pterygium before it gets to the point that it’s jeopardizing their eyesight. When you look in the mirror and notice a growth on the inner portion of your eye, usually closer to your nose, it’s likely the emergence of a pterygium. Be sure to visit your eye doctor to get the tissue checked out as soon as possible. The earlier you begin treating your pterygium, the easier it will be to rectify.

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