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Learning about Farsightedness

Farsightedness is a condition that affects about ten percent of American people. It is also known as hyperopia; it’s defined as a refractive problem where people can only see objects that are far away as opposed to objects that are very close. People suffering from this condition are going to have a hard time reading books or seeing their computer screen because the text will appear blurry. Miami Beach eye doctors see this problem on a regular basis, so it’s quite easy to treat. However, the degree of someone’s farsightedness is going to determine how intense of a prescription they need. Your optometrist in Miami Beach will be able to examine your eyes and perform tests that will help them figure out the exact prescription you need to see more clearly.

Causes of Farsightedness

There are a few reasons people suffer from farsightedness, but the actual cause of this condition is unknown. It’s probable that people inherit this condition from their parents. Here are some of the reasons people suffer from hyperopia:

● An abnormally shaped cornea. When someone’s cornea is not allowing light to properly pass through to the retina, it can result in farsightedness that will prevent them from being able to see objects up close.

● A shortened eyeball. One of the main causes of this condition is an eyeball that’s too short. When someone’s eye is smaller in size, light will be focused behind the retina as opposed to directly on it. Many children are born with this condition and end up growing out of it as they age.

● This condition can develop in people at any age, which is why it’s important to be examined by an eye doctor in Miami Beach regularly. Many people confuse this condition with presbyopia, which results in similar symptoms but has completely different causes.

What can be Done About Hyperopia

There are a few things that eye doctors in Miami can do to treat this problem. The first and simplest treatment is to prescribe a patient glasses that will correctly refract the light going into their retina. Contacts are another common solution to this problem, but there are other options as well.

Patients that aren’t comfortable wearing glasses or contacts may want to see if they are eligible for LASIK eye surgery. This is a procedure where an advanced laser is used to reshape the cornea of a patient’s eyes so they can see without the need for glasses or contacts. Speaking with your optometrist about the currently available treatments will allow you to come up with the best solution possible.

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