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Learning About Eyelid Twitching

One thing that many patients will ask their eye doctor in Miami Beach about when they come in for an appointment is why their eyelid twitches randomly. This can be an unnerving feeling for some people because it distracts them from what they are doing. Eyelid twitches can last for just a few seconds, but sometimes they can last for several minutes. In most cases, these twitches don’t cause any real problems for people other than a bit of mild discomfort. However, they do concern some people, which is why they will speak to their eye doctor in Miami about this issue. In rare cases, eyelid twitching can be a sign of a neurological disorder or a nerve problem.

Common Causes of Eyelid Twitching

For those who experience eyelid twitches more often than other people, it’s important to know what causes them in the first place. Here are the most common reasons a Miami Beach eye doctor sees someone suffering from chronic eye twitches:

● Being overly fatigued. When someone is extremely tired, their eye muscles may start to twitch from being used for such a long period of time without rest.

● Caffeine intake. If someone drinks several cups of coffee, sodas, and other caffeinated products during the day, then they are likely going to deal with eye twitches at some point. However, some people can consume large amounts of caffeine and never get a single eye twitch.

● Side effects of certain medications. Some medicines are known for making a person’s eye twitch, but you can discuss any new pills you’re on with your doctor to find out what may be causing the problem.

Dealing With Chronic Eye Twitching

Those who have dealt with eyelid twitches for more than a few weeks at a time need to change some things in their lifestyle in order to reduce their frequency. A Miami optometrist will often recommend that people drink more water, consume less caffeine, and begin exercising whenever possible. Also, it’s important to get the proper amount of rest each day. When the eyes become tired, they can be affected just like other parts of the body. If you do all of these things and they still don’t stop, then it would be wise to get speak with your doctor about possible nerve damage or getting a brain scan to determine if there’s an underlying health issue.

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