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Learning About Drainage Ducts

Your Miami eye doctor will tell you that one of the most important parts of your eyes are the drainage ducts. The drainage ducts are responsible for removing excess fluid from the eyes so that new fluid can replace it; most people don’t know that the fluid in their eyes is being replaced about every two hours. If there is a problem with the drainage duct, then pressure can build up inside of the eye, causing a condition that’s known as glaucoma. However, the drainage ducts can be opened so people don’t have any problems with them. The tear ducts should not be confused with the tear glands; the ducts are located in the nose area, and the glands are located above the eyes. You can lean more about these things by asking eye doctors in Miami to explain them to you.

Common Problems/Solutions With Drainage Ducts

Some people have problems with their drainage ducts that can cause some serious optical issues in the future. Your doctor in Miami Beach will elaborate on these conditions and how they can affect people:

● A blocked drainage duct. This can pose a problem for adults because it can cause a fluid buildup in the eyes. Excess pressure from fluid can be a serious problem that can cause someone to go blind.

● Babies often experience blocked drainage ducts when they are born. It’s estimated that about 20% of all newborns have a blocked drainage duct, but this problem will usually resolve itself within the first six months of life.

● A stent can be placed in the drainage duct of an adult that is having blockage problems. The stent will hold the duct open and allow proper fluid drainage.

● In minor blockage cases, a special tool can be used to remove the object blocking the duct and the drainage issue will be immediately resolved.

Symptoms of a Blocked Drainage Duct

Those who believe they may be experiencing problems with their drainage duct need to make an appointment with their optometrist in Miami Beach right away. The symptoms of this condition are usually pain and inflammation in the eyes/nose area, and a congested feeling. However, these symptoms can also be caused by other eye conditions, so the only way to know for sure if your drainage duct is blocked is to be examined by a medical professional.

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