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Learning About Black Eye

It’s common for someone to make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami after they sustain a black eye. While the bruising can be concerning on its own, people are usually more concerned about the possible damage that could have been done to their eye. It’s possible to experience swelling after getting hit in the eye, which may impair vision, and it can even cause physical damage that could require surgical repair. In most cases, though, a patient will simply need to keep something cool over their eye to reduce the swelling and prevent any damage that the swelling may cause. An eye doctor in Miami Beach can provide a special cooling pack that will fit comfortably over a person’s eye.

What to do After Getting Hit in the Eye

If your vision is impaired immediately after being hit in the eye, then it’s a good idea to pay a visit to your Miami eye doctor right away. If the only problem is the bruising, though, then you can take these steps to make it better.

● Apply ice to the surrounding area of the injury. Don’t put ice directly on the wound. Do this every twenty minutes for the first day.

● In order to make sure that the ice doesn’t cause any harm to your skin, wrap it in a cloth or use a cooling pack that’s designed to be pressed against the skin.

● Avoid playing any more sports or doing anything that could cause the injury to get worse. Rest and take it easy for a few days.

When to Visit Your Eye Doctor if Home Remedies Aren’t Working

Even if you take all of the right steps after getting a black eye, you may still need to visit your eye doctor. For example, if the site of the injury is becoming a red color and is developing/discharging pus, then you need to seek medical care immediately. This means that an infection is developing and you don’t want it to affect your eye. Also, if the swelling doesn’t go down after 2-4 days, then you want to be examined by an eye doctor. They will be able to determine if the injury is more severe than what you first thought or if it requires a different form of treatment. In most cases, though, black eyes are nothing to worry about and will heal on their own within a week or so.

photo credit: wwarby Eye via photopin (license)