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Treatment of Lazy Eye in Adults

The treatment of lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, for adults has been a topic of interest for eye doctors in Miami for quite some time. Previously, it was thought that people who did not get treatment for their lazy eye before the age of 17 would have to deal with it for the rest of their life. However, this may not be the case anymore. There are studies that show promising results for both an eye doctor in Miami Beach and their patient. There have been trials done using transcranial magnetic stimulation that showed excellent results for those with amblyopia, temporarily curing the condition for 30 minutes or more in some cases. As time progresses, adults should be able to have their lazy eye fully treated just like children can.

Facts About Adult Lazy Eye

One of the main reasons a Miami eye doctor tells their adult patients that their lazy eye is complicated is because the visual system is developing rapidly in a child. When a condition such as lazy eye becomes apparent, it can be treated before it’s fully developed.

● Although lazy eyes have a physically different appearance, the main problem lies in the fact that the brain does not fully comprehend what the person is seeing through that eye.

● Children that are constantly straining one eye and turning it another way are prone to developing this condition later in life. It’s usually apparent between 6-9 years of age. This is one of the main reasons it’s so important to diagnose any visual impairments in children as soon as possible.

● Children can usually treat their lazy eye problem by wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach, undergoing vision therapy, or using patching treatments.

The Future For Adults With Lazy Eye

Right now, there aren’t too many things that adults are able to do to treat their lazy eye. While they can speak with their eye doctor to do everything they are able to do, there are just not as many eye treatments available because of the way the brain is affected by this condition, not just the physical appearance. If an adult is only concerned about the way they appear and now how they see, then they can have a cosmetic surgery that will be able to fix the physical symptoms of lazy eye. As time progresses and more scientific advances are made, though, new treatments will likely become available for adults.

photo credit: The Corner of Her Eye via photopin (license)