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How Lasik Surgery Can Be Good For You

One of the most common reasons people visit a Miami Beach eye doctor is because they are unable to see objects up close or far away. These issues are likely because a patient is suffering from either near or farsightedness, and they can be treated fairly easily. In most cases, glasses are prescribed and the patient is happy after that. However, some people don’t want to deal with glasses or contacts, so they will ask their eye doctor in Miami about laser eye surgery. Lasik is an ocular procedure where the a patient’s cornea is reshaped to prevent the need for contacts or glasses.

The Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

Those who are thinking about asking their optometrist in Miami Beach about this procedure are probably wondering what they can expect after it’s complete. In most cases, people will experience similar results that are going to be permanent and improve their quality of life. Here are some of the benefits of Lasik:

● It prevents the need for wearing contacts or glasses ever again. If the cornea is reshaped perfectly, it will stay that way for the rest of a patient’s life and they will enjoy excellent vision forever.

● It doesn’t take long to complete. The surgery lasts about 30 minutes in total, and it is not something that requires anesthesia. There are many recorded procedures on the internet that can show a patient what exactly is going to happen during their operation as well.

● The recovery process is minimal. Most people are back to normal within 2-4 days after the operation.

● The procedure is not painful and is considered safe. There has never been a single reported case of a patient going blind because of the surgery.

Getting the Okay for the Surgery

In order to be considered for the surgery, you will have to be examined by a doctor in Miami Beach first. They will be able to figure out if you are eligible or not by looking at the shape of your cornea. Those who are suffering from extreme astigmatism or vision problems may not be able to have the surgery as the laser can only correct vision problems to a certain degree. However, if you are able to have the surgery, you should definitely think about scheduling an appointment with an ophthalmologist to have it done.

photo credit: Poppy via photopin (license)