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Laser Eye Treatment – Is it Worth it?

People who suffer from visual impairment issues often make an appointment with their Miami eye doctor to discuss laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is a great advancement in optical treatments that allow doctors to reshape a patient’s cornea so they no longer require glasses or contacts. However, there are some things that a patient should be aware of before they decide to make an appointment with a doctor in Miami Beach that will perform the surgery. As with any operation, there are some risks involved and the outcomes aren’t always perfect.

What Are the Potential Downsides of Laser Eye Surgery?

Some people believe that any type of optical issue can be fixed with laser surgery, but this is not true. There are also some things people need to be aware of before they undergo an operation.

Laser eye surgery cannot fix all visual impairment issues. Those who suffer from a severe astigmatism will not be eligible for the surgery because of this.

● After having an operation, some people will still need to wear glasses or contacts. While it’s uncommon, some people’s corneas will revert to their original shape after an operation. This usually takes some years to happen, but it’s possible that a patient may still require glasses after an operation.

● People with overly dry eyes or abnormally large pupils will not be eligible for the surgery.

● Although very rare (less than 5%), some patients experience issues with the “flap” that is created during the operation. This flap is made in the front of the cornea so the laser can do its work.

So, Is it Worth it?

All in all, the risks of having laser eye surgery are so minimal that it is definitely worth it if your optometrist in Miami Beach tells you that you are eligible for the procedure. There have never been any reported cases of a patient going blind because they had laser eye surgery, and the vast majority of patients who have the operation experience permanent results that allow them to put down their glasses for good. Also, the cost of having laser eye surgery is usually very inexpensive. Even if a patient happens to need eyeglasses in Miami Beach years after their operation, they are usually happy with the time they got to experience quality vision.

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