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Things to Know About Eye Surgeries

When a doctor in Miami Beach tells their patient that they may need an optical surgery, they are likely going to feel apprehensive about the operation. It’s common for a patient to feel worried about undergoing an eye operation because they value their sight above all other senses. However, if a patient is well informed about optical surgeries, they will likely feel much better about the upcoming procedure. There have been many advances in medical technology that allow Miami eye doctors to perform operations with as little risk as possible. The more a patient knows about what’s going to happen, the better they will feel about the surgery.

Common Optical Surgeries

Depending on a patient’s condition, the surgery they are going to need will vary drastically. Some eye conditions are more common than others, though, which means that eye surgeons have perfected the art of operating for certain conditions. Here are some of the most common eye procedures:

Cataract removal surgery. Those who need to have their cataracts removed will undergo a simple procedure that takes about ten minutes to complete. With the help of modern technology, the cataract is broken down into small bits using an ultrasound device. After the cataract has been efficiently broken down, the bits are permanently aspirated from the eye. A synthetic lens will then replace the cloudy one, which will allow a patient to see clearly and often removes their need for glasses or other optical aids. Recovery is minimal and the results are lasting.

LASIK surgery for nearsightedness or farsightedness. Laser eye surgery has become more and more common as people want to remove their need for glasses or contacts. An eye doctor in Miami can use a special laser to reshape a patient’s cornea and allow them to see better in about twenty minutes total (ten per eye). The recovery time is very short, and there is little pain involved in the recovery.

● Tear duct surgery. Though this operation is most common in infants, a blocked tear duct can happen at any age. This is one of the simplest procedures to perform as it only involves a probing tool to open the duct. However, it’s important to have tear ducts that perform as they should because a blocked duct can result in inflammation or even an infection.

Determining What Optical Surgery You Need

If you’re experiencing eye problems and want to have them resolved, you will need to be seen by a Miami optometrist as soon as possible. Your optometrist will be able to examine your eyes and tell you if you’re going to need an operation or if the issue you’re experiencing can be resolved in other ways. If there’s an alternative to optical surgery for your condition available, it’s best to try the alternative treatments before undergoing an unnecessary procedure.

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