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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

A large number of people make appointments with their eye doctor in Miami Beach because they are concerned about the health of their eyes. Nobody wants to lose their vision sooner than they have to, and an eye doctor can be of great help in assisting people with the preservation of their vision. There are actually a number of simple things people can be doing in order to preserve the health of their eyes, most of which don’t require anything out of the ordinary. Taking supplements, ocular exercises, and other things like this are easy to do and can be very beneficial to keeping the eyes healthy. A Miami eye doctor may also recommend their patient to consider altering their diet to include foods that are going to benefit the eyes.

Common Recommendations For Good Eye Health

People who are visiting their doctor in Miami Beach for a regular eye exam and want to learn how to care for their eyes are likely going to be told a number of these things:

● Add supplements to your daily regimen. Taking things like Vitamin C, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Calcium can greatly benefit your eyes.

● Performing ocular exercises. People who practice focusing on objects up close and in the distance are going to retain healthy eye muscles, which are essential to properly functioning eyes.

● Get examined on a regular basis. Some optical conditions don’t have many symptoms, which is why it’s best to be examined at least once per year. An eye doctor is going to spot a problem before it becomes too serious.

● Those who don’t want to take supplements can alter their diet to include foods that contain the right nutrients their eyes need.

What to Avoid

There are also some things that a Miami optometrist will tell their patients to avoid if they wish to retain healthy eyes. Things like focusing on a computer screen for too long, excessive reading without a break, and squinting hard to see can all have negative impacts on a patient’s vision. The most important thing a person can do to make sure their eyes are healthy is to provide them with proper rest. This means to take a break from visually strenuous activities during the day and to get the right amount of rest at night. If your eyes seem like they are hurting or feeling strained, take a break and provide them with a little rest.

photo credit: I See You (Self Portrait in my son’s eye) via photopin (license)