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The Job of an Eyebrow

One question that many eye doctors in Miami get asked is what the purpose of having an eyebrow is. Everybody has them, and they are often styled or shaped in a way to help someone express themselves. However, many people don’t know what the evolutionary function of the eyebrow is and will ask their Miami eye doctor this question when they come in for a visit. In terms of human body function, the eyebrow is mainly present to help prevent sweat, dirt, and debris from getting into the eyes. When someone works up a good sweat, their eyebrows are going to do the best they can to prevent the fluid from dripping into the eyes.

Eyebrow Facts

In addition to preventing sweat and water from getting into the eyes, the eyebrows also serve as a means of communication. People will often lift their eyebrows when surprised, furrow them when angry, or alter them in some way when they are expressing an emotion. Here are some things you may learn if you ask your eye doctor about the eyebrow and its functions:

● Eyebrows are mainly meant to keep salt, which is present in sweat, out of the eyes. Salt will sting the eyes and reduce vision quality, which is why the eyebrows are located above the eyes.

● Women naturally have thinner and narrower eyebrows than men.

● Eyebrow styling is a common trend among both men and women, but primarily women.

● Most eye doctors in Miami Beach believe that early humans developed eyebrows to help them see in rainy weather; finding shelter was crucial in stormy situations, and being able to see was important to survival.

● The eyebrows also play a minor role in keeping sunlight out of the eyes.

Eyebrow Styling For Personal Expression

Most people consider their eyebrows to be one of the main aspects of their facial features. It’s common for people with thicker eyebrows to trim them a little bit. People who wear glasses may sometimes trim their eyebrows so as to not attract so much attention to the upper portion of their face; glasses, especially those with thick frames, can often draw people’s attention away from their eyebrows. Some people also like to trim their eyebrows to make their face appear more symmetrical, but some people don’t do anything to them at all. In fact, some people shave their eyebrows completely and replace them with makeup.

photo credit: opia 1 via photopin (license)