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Iridology Explained

One area of medicine that many eye doctors in Miami find interesting is iridology. This is the study of the iris, or colored portion of the eye, and how it changes due to health factors. There are many things that an iridologist can determine by looking at a patient’s eyes, especially when they are looking at pictures taken over long periods of time. Certain health conditions that may not be related to vision can change the way a person’s iris appears. During a routine exam, an optometrist in Miami Beach is sure to take a look at a patient’s iris to make sure that it appears normal. If there is anything concerning in the iris, they will request that the patient have extensive testing done or ask about their other health conditions to figure out what’s causing the changes.

What Can Iridology Determine?

There are many things that a doctor in Miami Beach who studies iridology can determine from looking at the colored portion of a patient’s eyes. Here are the main areas of health that can be determined by looking at the iris:

● The current condition of a patient’s nerves.

● The condition of a patient’s lymph and blood system.

● How good a patient’s blood circulation is in general.

● If a patient is getting proper sustenance and nutrition; people who aren’t getting enough rest and aren’t in a healthy state of mind may have an iris that looks abnormal.

Iridology Overall

While there are many important physical health issues a Miami eye doctor can determine from looking at a patient’s eyes, there are also many psychological issues that can be detected as well. While the link isn’t known exactly, there are times when patients suffering from certain psychological conditions will have an iris that appears abnormal. The study of iridology is ongoing and always being updated, and the findings are very interesting. Some doctors say that the iris is the chalkboard of the human body that cannot be erased. As more information about this area of medicine becomes available, it will help eye doctors diagnose and treat their patient’s conditions as quickly as possible. It will also help them figure out what type of health issues a patient may have had in the past.

photo credit: A Nepali woman via photopin (license)