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Inflammation in the Eyes

Eye inflammation is one of the most common problems that eye doctors in Miami see on a daily basis. There are so many things that can cause your eyes to become inflamed, and it’s definitely unhealthy to have swollen eyes. Dry eyes, irritants and debris, reactions to medications, and many other things can cause your eyes to become puffy and uncomfortable. In most cases, though, your Miami eye doctor can resolve this issue quite easily. If your eyes are swollen for several days in a row, you definitely need to be seen by a doctor.

What Causes the Inflammation?

Some people naturally don’t produce enough tears or are affected by the atmosphere more than others. Some people are on medications that cause them to experience dry eyes and other negative symptoms. The cause for your particular case of inflamed eyes likely needs to be addressed by a Miami optometrist. Unless you have recently started doing something that you think could be the cause of your optical issues, you should be examined just to be safe.

● Minor irritants in your eyes. If small dust particles or other microscopic things get into your eyes, their natural response is to become inflamed. Flushing your eyes out with water or using eye drops may solve this issue.

● Medications that you’re currently taking. You can speak with your eye doctor about the medicines you are on to find out if any of them are known for causing eye inflammation. If they are, your eye doctor may be able to change the medicine you’re taking to something that won’t affect you so badly.

● Dry eyes. There are many things that can cause dry eyes, and they will definitely become inflamed if they remain this way for too long. If your dryness persists for too long, you will likely need some help from a medical professional to resolve this issue.

Taking Care of Your Inflamed Eyes

If you recently started using new eye drops and your eyes have become inflamed, then you should stop using them to see if that’s what’s causing the problem. If you have quit wearing your eyeglasses in Miami Beach as regularly as you should be, then you should put them back on. You may not even notice how often you’re rubbing your eyes because of how badly you’re straining them without your glasses. If you can’t easily figure out what the problem is, then speak with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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