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Decreasing Inflammation in the Eyes

Inflammation can be a serious problem when it happens in the eyes. It will leave the eyes open to infections and also be uncomfortable for the person who is dealing with it. However, an eye doctor in Miami can help those who are dealing with constant eye inflammation in a number of different ways. The first part of treating someone’s eye inflammation is figuring out what’s causing it in the first place. People can develop inflamed eyes because of dryness, other diseases, and also the things they do throughout the day. Visiting a Miami optometrist and discussing your inflammation issues is the first step to stopping your eyes from being inflamed on a daily basis.

Ways to Treat Eye Inflammation

If someone is dealing with constant eye inflammation, then they are likely going to need a prescription from an eye doctor in Miami. There are special drugs that can reduce the amount of swelling in the eyes, allowing someone to get through the day without constant rubbing and feeling uncomfortable.

● Using corticosteroid eye drops. There are special eye drops that contain steroids which patients can use to reduce their inflammation. Some of these eye drops also contain antibiotics that will help to prevent infections from happening.

● Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory eye drops. These eye drops are going to prevent inflammation, but they do not contain any steroids.

● Over-the- counter eye drops. Some eye drops that can be bought from the store without a prescription are satisfactory for treating some people’s eye inflammation. Search for a product that specifically states it helps with inflammation and try it out.

Other Things That Can Help Decrease Inflammation

In addition to getting eye drops that can help with inflammation, people who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach should be wearing them as often as possible. Wearing the glasses will prevent someone from putting strain on their eyes, reducing their risk of inflammation. There are also certain diets people can try that are high in antioxidants and fatty acids, which are essential to good eye health. Finding out what foods may cause the inflammation is also beneficial for people who aren’t aware of how their diet can affect the health of their eyes.

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