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Learning How to Increase Tear Production

One of the most common conditions eye doctors in Miami see is dry eye. This is a condition where there are not enough tears on the surface of a patient’s eyes, resulting in issues that can sometimes become serious if left untreated. However, there are some things a patient can do in order to increase their natural tear production. There are some actions people are able to take on their own, but some of the things a patient will need to do require the help of an eye doctor in Miami Beach. In severe cases of dry eyes, people will need to obtain a prescription that will stimulate their tear production or help to keep their natural tears from evaporating too quickly.

Ways to Increase Tear Production

There are many ways people can increase their natural tear production with or without the help of a Miami eye doctor. Here are some of the most important things a patient diagnosed with dry eyes can do:

● Begin taking omega-3 fatty acids. These can be purchased in supplement form from most pharmacies and drug stores, and they are crucial to helping someone produce normal tears.

● Get a prescription eye drop from your doctor. There are special eye drops people can use on a daily basis that will stimulate their lacrimal gland into producing the normal amount of tears.

● Using regular over-the- counter eye drops. People who don’t have a severe case of dry eyes can likely use regular eye drops to help their natural tears remain on the surface of their eyes.

● Having a tear duct partially blocked. If someone’s tears are draining or evaporating too quickly, then the tear duct can be blocked in order to cause the tears to remain on the surface of the eye longer than they normally do.

Problems Related to Inadequate Tear Production

Those who are not naturally producing enough tears are susceptible to a number of problems, which is why it’s so important that this condition is treated as soon as possible. Sometimes the treatment is something as simple as wearing your eyeglasses in Miami Beach more often, but it’s sometimes complex like blocking the tear duct. Those without the right amount of tears on their eyes are going to get infections more often, deal with inflammation, and also deal with eye redness. All of these problems can cause someone to feel uncomfortable and deal with unnecessary pain.

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