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How Does Humidity Affect Your Eyes?

One of the main factors that affect your eyes is how humid the air around you is. If your Miami eye doctor has told you that you suffer from dry eye syndrome, then you may want to pay close attention to the humidity levels of the environment you’re currently in. They can change drastically from place to place, even when walking inside a store for a few hours. Things like malls, grocery stores, and other indoor locations are known to control the humidity in their establishments. You may need to speak with your eye doctor in Miami Beach about getting prescription eye drops, but there are some things you can do to ensure the humidity levels don’t affect you too badly.

Combatting Low Humidity in the Atmosphere

If you constantly suffer from dry eyes, you may want to get a humidifier to keep in your bedroom at night. This will help to keep the moisture levels just right so you don’t wake up with dry eyes.

You can also get special eye drops from eye doctors in Miami that will help to keep your eyes lubricated and the inflammation down, but you can also try a few other things if you don’t want to get a prescription just yet.

● If your case of dry eye is not so severe, then you can simply carry a bottle of lubricating drops with you at all times. Apply these to your eyes when you walk into a store or are visiting an area that’s known to have low humidity. A couple drops before you enter and after you leave a store should solve the issue.

● Gently rub your eyes with a moist cloth. This will help to stimulate the glands in your eyes and provide moisture to the outside of them. Don’t apply too much pressure when doing this, though, and be sure not to rub them for too long.

● Get examined by your eye doctor. You may have a blocked tear duct or one that’s inflamed and unable to get tears to your eyes properly. If this is the case, then the duct can be opened using a special tool, and this may solve your dry problems entirely.

Other Things That Contribute to Dry Eyes

One thing that many people don’t realize is that they need to be wearing their eyeglasses in Miami Beach whenever they are out and about. If they are not, then they could be straining their eyes and causing them to work harder than they need to be. This extra focus can cause the eyes to dry out, regardless of the humidity levels. Be sure to pay attention to the humidity around you at all times, though, as dry air can definitely cause your tears to evaporate faster than they should be. The issue may be a minor one that can be resolved without any medical treatment, but there’s a chance you could need some help from your eye doctor.

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