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How to Keep Natural Tears

One of the most common issues that an eye doctor in Miami sees is chronic dry eye syndrome. This is a condition where a patient doesn’t have enough moisture on their eyes throughout the day, resulting in itchiness, redness, infections, and more. However, there are ways people can retain their natural tears longer than normal, reducing the side effects of this condition. Those who are dealing with chronic dry eye need to be sure they are discussing their condition with their eye doctor in Miami Beach. The treatment for a patient’s dry eyes will depend on what is causing the problem in the first place; there are several reasons people will not retain their natural tears as long as they should.

Techniques For Retaining Natural Tears

Those who are concerned about how to retain natural tears can try a number of things to resolve their issue. Here are a few ways that people can keep their natural tears:

● By wearing your prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Those who are prescribed glasses should wear them often to prevent wind from drying out their eyes. Wind is a leading cause of dry eyes among adults.

● Getting a prescription eye drop from your Miami Beach eye doctor. There are special drops that can be used to increase the thickness of your natural tears, resulting in tears that stay on the eye for a bit longer.

● Using regular eye drops. Some people have dry eyes that don’t quite need a prescription, but can benefit from using regular eye drops.

What Can Happen if the Eyes are Dry For Too Long

Those who don’t have their dry eye problems addressed are going to face a number of problems in the future. The most common symptom of chronic dry eye is frequent infections. The tears that naturally coat the eye are packed full of antibodies, which are going to fight off bacteria that can cause an ocular infection. People who don’t have their dry eyes addressed are also going to deal with constant itchiness and redness, which can cause them to feel uncomfortable and be self-conscious about their image. Treating this condition is easy in most cases, which is why it’s best to discuss this condition with a medical professional.

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