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How to Increase Tear Production

We’ve had patients who asked how they could increase tear production to deal with their dry eye problems. Dry eyes are a problem that thousands of people suffer from, and dry eyes can lead to some serious health issues if they aren’t dealt with appropriately.

There are several things people can do to increase their tear production, from natural options to prescription eye drops. The natural options are best for people to try out at first, but those who don’t see any results with these options should definitely make an appointment with their eye doctor.

3 Options For Increasing Tear Production

Most people would prefer to solve their health issues naturally. While most medications aren’t harmful, some of them definitely come with adverse side effects that people don’t care for. However, a prescription may be the only way people suffering from extreme cases of dry eyes are able to resolve their health issue. Here are the most common ways you can increase tear production:

● Prescription eye drops. There are some things that an eye doctor can prescribe to their patients, such as Restasis, that will help them to produce more tears. There are also steroidal eye drops that can be effective in this regard as well. Most prescription eye drops are also going to help combat inflammation, though, which is one of the main symptoms of dry eyes.

● Naturally. There are many things people can consume which will increase their natural tear production. Fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, and plant-based phytoestrogens are just some of these things that can do the trick. They need to be consumed on a regular basis for an extended period of time, but they usually work for most people.

● Over-the-counter eye drops. There are some eye drops which can be bought in a drug store that claim to help people produce more tears. Most of them, though, only contain weak forms of what an optometrist can prescribe and lubricating ingredients. These may work for some people, but a prescription may be necessary if they aren’t effective.

How To Tell When Dry Eye Becomes A Problem

Some people get dry eyes for a day or two, then they simply go away on their own. However, other people deal with this issue for weeks at a time. This is when it starts to become an issue because the constantly inflamed eyes are going to give bacteria the chance to cause an infection, and the inflammation is also going to be very uncomfortable.

If you’ve noticed that you are constantly rubbing your eyes and using regular eye drops multiple times per day, then it’s probably time to pay your optometrist a visit. You may only need to do something as simple as continue wearing your eyeglasses, but you should check in with your eye doctor just to be on the safe side.

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