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How the Eye Repairs Itself

Eye doctors in Miami will tell you many amazing facts about the human eye. One of the most astonishing things about the eye is how quickly it can heal itself. When the eye sustains minor physical damage, it will begin repairing itself almost immediately. Any substantial damage, such as a large object penetrating the eye, will require the help of medical professionals to correct, but it’s still possible to fix in order to allow the eye to begin healing. A Miami Beach eye doctor often sees people who are suffering from damage to the eye because of foreign objects, and it’s very important that people with damaged eyes be examined by a medical professional to ensure their healing is progressing normally.

Ensuring Proper Optical Healing

Those who have damaged their eyes in some way are probably wondering what they can do to encourage them to heal normally. Obviously, any serious damage needs to be addressed by a team of emergency medical professionals. However, there are some things a Miami optometrist will recommend their patients do if they sustain only minor optical damage.

● If a small foreign object has gotten lodged into the eye, then blinking and flushing with water or a saline solution can be sufficient enough to remove it and prevent further damage. If the pain is getting worse because of blinking, then it’s best to stop and be seen by an emergency eye doctor as soon as possible.

● Rubbing the eye is almost always a bad idea. If there are objects in the eye, then rubbing it may cause further damage. Try and avoid rubbing your eye when any type of damage occurs, no matter how intense the urge to rub it.

● The most common optical injuries are corneal abrasions, which are scratches on the outer layer of the eye. These type of wounds heal on their own within just a few hours, as long as it’s not being rubbed.

● Keeping the eye lubricated after any sort of injury is critical to the healing process. The natural tears that coat the eyeball contain antibodies that will prevent infection, which are very important when there’s a wound on the surface of the eye.

What to Do When Basic Measures Aren’t Working

If you have tried flushing your eye, blinking, keeping it lubricated, and everything else you can do and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better, then it’s important to visit an emergency room or an emergency eye doctor in Miami as quickly as possible. A medical professional will be able to examine the extent of the damage and figure out what needs to be done to allow your eye to begin the healing process. The first step to proper healing is removal of the foreign objects; after that, the eye will start to repair any damage all on its own.

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