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How Fireworks Affect Your Eyes

Many people have concerns about how fireworks are going to affect their eyes and sight, especially around Independence Day. People who are going to be setting off a lot of fireworks may ask their doctor in Miami Beach how they can protect their sight and what they can expect to happen if the don’t. These are valid concerns as well, especially since the bright lights flashing in the sky can cause people discomfort and irritation at times. The lights can be bright for some people, but this is not the main cause of eye damage from fireworks. Actually, Miami eye doctors often see people who have gotten debris in their eyes from fireworks more than people who are complaining about a light sensitivity issue.

How to Protect Eyes From Firework Damage

People who are concerned about eye safety when they are approaching Independence Day need to simply wear protective eyewear while they are in close proximity of the blasts. An eye doctor in Miami Beach will tell their patients that covering their eyes will be enough to protect them from firework damage.

● Use things like goggles or regular protective glasses when anywhere near fireworks. Even if you’re standing in a field and fireworks are going off nearby, it would be smart to wear them just in case debris falls and gets in your eye.

● Look away from the blasts if the intense light is causing you discomfort. The lights may be pretty and look good, but they can still cause people discomfort if they are too bright. Some people have issues with the way their pupil adjusts to light.

● If you’re physically handling the fireworks and igniting them yourself, make absolute sure that you are wearing protective eyewear. A firework may malfunction and blow up too soon, which could seriously damage your eyes.

The Biggest Concern

When it comes to fireworks and eye health, your Miami optometrist will tell you that you simply need to be sure that debris doesn’t get into them. Staring at the lights has never caused problems for anybody before, so there’s no need to worry about the lights causing a health issue. If they are bothering you, take a break from staring at them so intently. Just remember to wear protective gear if you are using fireworks yourself or if you are going to be close enough to them that debris could fall down and get inside your eyes. Fireworks are pretty, but they aren’t worth losing your eyesight over!