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How Family History Affects Eyes

When patients are making appointments with eye doctors in Miami, they need to be well aware of their family history for optical conditions. There are many vision issues that people can experience which are genetic. There are also many health issues that families experience which can lead to vision problems. It’s also important to make the Miami eye doctor aware of all medications being taken because some have been known to cause optical issues. Most people consider their vision to be their most valuable sense, so they want to do everything they can to retain it as long as possible. Those who are well aware of what their family members have dealt with in the past, especially the older ones, are going to have the best chance at preventing an optical issue from affecting their future.

Commonly Shared Familial Eye Problems

Not every health condition is going to potentially affect a patient’s sight, but there are some that need to be looked out for. Certain conditions, especially within the parents, have a higher chance of being passed onto the younger family members. However, there are preventative measures a doctor in Miami Beach can take to ensure their patient doesn’t lose their sight prematurely.

● Glaucoma. This is a condition related to the pressure in the eye, and it is more common for someone to develop it who has a family history with it.

● Optical cancer. People should be aware if their family members, even distant ones, have ever dealt with a case of optical cancer.

● Nearsightedness or farsightedness. If a patient’s parents are near or farsighted, there’s a good chance they will have a vision issue as well.

● Diabetes. This condition isn’t related to vision per se, but it can cause vision problems if it’s not handled properly. It’s important to make an eye doctor aware of all conditions like this.

Catching Family Optical Diseases Early

If a patient knows that their parents both have a case of nearsightedness, then they can be examined and prescribed a pair of glasses by their optometrist in Miami Beach. These conditions are not that serious and can easily be treated with a minor optical aid. However, those who have a history of glaucoma need to be sure they are getting examined at least once per year. This is a serious condition that often has no symptoms until it’s too late, but an optometrist will be able to catch it during an exam. It’s also important to be aware of any family issues like this so the eye doctor can be looking out for optical diseases related to the condition.

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