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How Eyelids Protect Your Eyes

Many people often ask their doctor in Miami Beach just how their eyelids protect their eyes. While most people know that they act as a barrier from outside pollutants, the eyelids also perform many other protective functions for the eye. Inside of the eyelid (and on the front of the eye), the conjunctiva can be found, which is a transparent layer of tissue that helps to keep foreign objects from getting into the back of the eye. When people blink, the eyelid also acts as a natural way to spread tears over the surface of the eye; keeping the eyes lubricated at all times is important for optimal eye health. An eye doctor in Miami can examine your eyes and tell you if your eyelids are functioning normally and your eyes are in good health or not.

Conditions Related to the Eyelids

Most people will develop pink eye or another minor optical condition at some point in their life, but there are plenty of other conditions that can affect people and their eyelids as well. Here are some of the main conditions that you will hear about if you ask your Miami Beach eye doctor about eyelid issues:

● Chalazion. This is a non-tender lump that’s present in the eyelid, and is usually a result of another condition. It can be incised and drained, or treated with a warm compress.

● Hordeolum. This is also known as a stye, and it’s a tender lump on the eye that’s normally the result of a bacterial infection.

● Nevus. These are lesions on the eyelid that are sometimes malignant, and they are often excised surgically.

● Hydrocystoma. This is a translucent cyst located on the eyelid that’s most commonly associated with a blockage of the sweat glands in the eyelid.

● Entropion. This is a condition where the eyelid becomes inverted, most commonly the lower eyelid.

Providing Eyelids With Proper Care

In most cases, people will not need to do anything to care for their eyelids. They will take care of themselves naturally and never require maintenance. However, people who are developing issues with their eyelids, such as pain, redness, swelling, or developing nodules, need to be sure that they speak with their optometrist in Miami Beach right away. Your optometrist will know how to diagnose and treat any conditions related to your eyelids, and most of them are minor in the first place. While a minor surgery may be required, most eyelid issues can be corrected with ease. However, some issues can get worse with time, which is why it’s best to have any issues diagnosed and treated before they affect the actual eyeball.

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