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How Astigmatisms Affect Your Focus

Some of the most common vision problems seen by a Miami Beach eye doctor are astigmatisms. This condition is similar to near and farsightedness, except that the abnormality in the cornea isn’t simply too convex or too concave. An astigmatism is where the corneal shape is irregular and it causes a person to be unable to see as well as others. Those with this condition know that their sight is going to be affected, but they may not know that their focus is also going to be affected. Having trouble keeping focused on one object or one task for an extended period of time is one of the main reasons people make appointments with their eye doctor in Miami Beach.

Dealing With Astigmatisms

There are some things people with astigmatisms will have to deal with that those who just have near or farsightedness won’t. Here are some of the main things people who are diagnosed by their Miami eye doctor with an astigmatism need to keep in mind:

● It’s important to be examined at least once per year. People with astigmatisms often need a new prescription, and it usually changes as they start to get older.

● People with severe astigmatisms may not be eligible for Lasik eye surgery. Many people are using this option to prevent from wearing contacts or glasses again, but it may not be available to everyone.

● It’s possible for someone to have an astigmatism in one eye and not in the other, so people with this condition need to be aware that they might have a difference prescription for each eye.

How Focus Will Be Affected

If someone has an astigmatism and hasn’t yet been prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach, then they are likely going to suffer from focus problems. They will be unable to concentrate in school because they are having a hard time looking at either the teacher, the chalkboard, or the assignment on the desk in front of them. If an object appears blurry or out of focus, then the person who is trying to concentrate is going to have a hard time staying on top of the task at hand. However, getting a prescription set of glasses or contacts will help a person with an astigmatism be able to focus normally again. Those with a visual problem need to be sure they are examined by a medical professional as soon as possible so they don’t damage their eyes by overly straining them.

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