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Headaches & Eyesight

Many people don’t realize that their frequent headaches are caused by their poor eyesight. There are many vision problems that can cause someone to experience headaches or migraines regularly, but most of them can be treated with ease. Miami eye doctors say that patients complaining about frequent headaches is one of the most common reasons people come in for a checkup. If you’re straining to see objects up close or at a distance, then there’s a good chance you’re going to develop headaches quite often. In order to prevent the headaches from coming on so often, you’re likely going to need a prescription from an eye doctor in Miami.

What Causes the Frequent Headaches?

When someone has a hard time seeing objects at a certain distance, they are naturally going to squint and strain their eyes so they can see. Putting this extra strain on the eye muscles will cause someone to experience a headache when they finally relax. Prolonged visual activities are going to result in more severe headaches. Being examined by a Miami optometrist will allow you to figure out what the exact problem is. Here are some of the most common visual problems that result in headaches:

● An astigmatism. This condition is defined as an abnormality in the shape of the cornea which prevents light from passing through to the retina as it should. When light doesn’t focus directly on the retina, images are going to be blurred and strain/squinting will result.

● Myopia. Nearsightedness is a condition in which patients can see objects up close but not far away. When someone has to strain to see objects at a distance, their eye muscles are going to be put through unnecessary stress that will result in a headache.

Hyperopia. Farsightedness is another condition that will cause someone to strain and squint. However, this is where people can see objects farther away but not up close. Squinting to read a book or look at a computer screen is also going to stress the eye muscles and cause headaches to happen.

● Improperly aligned eyes. Some people suffer from a misalignment of their eyes which is going to cause them to strain to see as well.

Stopping the Headaches for Good

In order to prevent the headaches from coming back, your eyesight needs to be corrected so that you don’t put strain on your eye muscles in the future. In order to do this, you may need to get a prescription for eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Other than glasses, contacts are the only quick solution to this problem. You could also opt for laser eye surgery, which will correct the shape of your cornea and allow you to see objects clearly, but this option requires an actual surgical procedure that will come with a few days of recovery time. Speak with your optometrist to find out what is causing your headaches so you can fix your optical issues and improve your quality of life.

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