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Knowing How to Handle Dry Eye

There are thousands of people who deal with dry eyes on a regular basis. This condition is uncomfortable and it can also lead to more severe problems if it’s not dealt with appropriately. Some people just don’t produce as many tears as others, which is why it’s important to know how to handle dry eye problems. If you are taking care of your dry eye syndrome, then your chances of making an emergency visit to a Miami Beach eye doctor decrease substantially. Ensuring your eyes are lubricated at all times also decreases your chances of developing an eye infection.

Keeping Your Eyes Lubricated

An optometrist in Miami Beach may prescribe you special eye drops if your condition is severe, but you can likely use basic over-the-counter drops to deal with your issues. There are two different types of eye drops that can be bought at the store: preservative and nonpreservative. One of them has extra chemicals in it that allow the product to remain usable for much longer. If you are unsure about which ones you should be using, then speak with your doctor in Miami Beach to find out. They will have the best recommendation for you based on their examination of your eyes.

● Use the eye drops that are right for you. If your condition is severe and the regular drops aren’t working, then you may need to ask your eye doctor to prescribe you something else.

● Use steroid eye drops. There are eye drops your doctor can prescribe you that contain steroids to help with inflammation problems. People with dry eyes often deal with inflammation because of this, and these drops can help to combat the symptoms.

● Use Restasis. Restasis is an eye drop that keeps your eyes lubricated, helps with inflammation, and also helps your body to produce more natural tears. Many people with chronic dry eye use this product on a regular basis.

● In severe cases, you may need to have punctal plugs installed. These plugs will clog the drainage ducts in your eyes so your tears remain on the surface for longer than normal.

● Try optical ointments. Ointments can be used on your eyes to help with the dryness, but they are usually uncomfortable and can cause cloudy vision. If you need to use them to help with your condition, try to use them only at night.

Keeping an Eye on the Situation

After you start a new treatment, it’s important to watch how your body reacts to it. Some people find that they are fine simply by using their eye drops every day. However, if the regular drops aren’t helping, then don’t overuse them. Overusing preservative eye drops can actually damage your eyes, so speak with your doctor in this instance. Your Miami optometrist can work with you to come up with the solution that’s right for you.

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