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Front Surface Eye Damage

Physically damaged eyes are one of the worst problems people can deal with because they can diminish a person’s ability to see properly. They are also extremely painful and uncomfortable while the injury is fresh. One of the main reasons people make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami outside of their annual checkup is because they have sustained damage on the surface of their eye. These types of injuries need to be taken seriously because they give bacteria an opening to get inside of the eye and cause an infection to develop. However, there are things eye doctors in Miami are able to do to help those who have sustained damage to the front surface of their eye.

What To Do After Damaging Your Eye

Right after you have sustained damage to the outer portion of your eye, there are some things you need to do to ensure that it does not get any worse. First of all, get in touch with your Miami optometrist and tell them that you’re coming in for a visit; or you can visit an optometrist that offers emergency assistance.

● Try to avoid moving your eye as much as possible. Moving your eye when it’s scratched can cause the wound to become larger, and it will also hurt to move it around.

● Try flushing your eye with clean water or eye drops. This is going to help remove any debris that may have gotten in your eye while it was being damaged. If it hurts to wash your eye with water or eye drops, then stop doing it immediately and wait to be examined by a medical professional.

● Cover your eye to avoid using it, but don’t put pressure on your eyeball. Putting pressure on your eye may lodge a foreign object in even further.

● Visit the nearest emergency eye doctor. An eye doctor is going to have more equipment and medicine to help someone with a damaged eye than a standard emergency room will. Most emergency rooms simply stabilize someone and then refer them to an eye doctor for further treatment.

Preventing Eye Damage in the Future

Those who have dealt with an eye injury and want to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future can take a few precautionary measures from now on. First of all, people who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach need to be sure they are wearing them as often as they should be. Eyeglasses are made for correcting vision, but they also work as an added barrier to protect the eyes from damage. Wind, dust, debris, and other things can get into the eyes when they would have otherwise been blocked by the glasses.

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