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First Aid For Your Eyes

It’s common for eye doctors in Miami too see patients because they have sustained an injury to their eye. When someone takes a blow, gets chemicals in their eyes, or gets a foreign object in them, they are going to seek the help of a medical professional who can treat them properly. However, there are some things people can do at home if they want to avoid a trip to their Miami optometrist. In some cases, people can treat their own problem and not have to see a medical professional at all. This depends on the severity of the injury, but there are still some important first aid tips that everybody should know regarding their eyes. Knowing what to do when an injury happens can mean the difference between extensive damage or a minor situation.

What to Do in the Event of an Injury

The type of treatment a person will need to apply to their eyes depends on the damage that happened. There are three main types of injuries that happen to people: blows, chemical exposure, and foreign objects.

● In the event of a blow to the eye, the injured person should apply a cold compress to the affected area. They should also take over-the- counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Avoid rubbing the injured area.

● In the event of chemical exposure, people need to begin flushing their eyes out with water immediately. With most of these situations, it’s best to be examined by a Miami eye doctor regardless of how minor the exposure was. Avoid rubbing the eye.

● In the event of a foreign object getting into the eye, it’s important to not rub it. Most people’s first reaction is to rub their eyes, but this can lodge the particle in deeper or cause more damage. Lift the upper eyelid and blink, then rinse the eye out with water or drops. If the object cannot be removed by these means, medical attention may be necessary.

Getting Extensive Care

With most eye injuries, the person who sustained the damage needs to be wary of their own situation. The injured person should be able to tell if they think they can flush an object out or resolve their blow to the eye without seeing an eye doctor. If the injury is causing immediate and intense pain with an impairment of vision, it’s best to be seen by a medical professional who has experience with these situations. Many eye doctors offer emergency services, and it’s best to take advantage of them if the injured person feels they need immediate attention.

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