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Fastest Muscle In The Body – The Eye

The human body is incredible; there are so many things that happen without people being aware of them, and many are too fast to perceive anyway. If you were to ask your doctor in Miami Beach what the fastest muscle in the body is, they are going to tell you that it’s the eye. The eye is considered the fastest because it can move in all directions within a split second. It can react quicker than any other muscle, and it can also prompt other muscles to move as well. For example, someone who notices an object coming in their direction may raise their hands to block it because of how quickly their eyes noted the object. Your Miami eye doctor will be able to elaborate more on just how quick the eyes really are. 

How the Eye Moves So Fast

Many people are curious about just how the eye can be the fastest muscle in the body. Some people will ask if it’s the heart or even the tongue, but it’s definitely the eyes. Your eye doctor in Miami Beach can tell you all about the different muscles in the eye that make it the fastest in the body if you are curious to learn about them.

● Extraocular muscles are responsible for moving the eye in different directions. These are the muscles that are considered the fastest, though there are other muscles in the eye.

● Intraocular muscles are those that control the expansion and contraction of the iris to allow more light in the pupil, as well as many other things. These reactions are a bit slower than the extraocular muscles, though they still happen impressively fast.

● The reason the eye is considered the fastest in the body is because many of its movements are involuntary. People can flick their eyes to the side and notice an object without consciously deciding to do so. The muscles in the eye are also about 100 times stronger than they need to be to perform their duties.

Keeping Your Eye Muscles Healthy

If you are concerned about keeping your eye muscles healthy and fast, then you need to ask your Miami optometrist about exercises that you can do to keep them that way. There are many things people can do to keep their eyes in good shape, such as taking supplements and exercises. One useful exercise is to simply look in all directions for a few minutes each day. Obviously, this shouldn’t be done to the point of causing strain, but doing it briefly will ensure the muscles are worked and in good shape. There are also focusing exercises people can do to ensure their intraocular muscles are kept healthy as well.

photo credit: Portrait of Dylan via photopin (license)