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FAQs About Blindness

One of the biggest concerns for patients visiting their eye doctor in Miami is whether or not they are going to go blind. Most people appreciate their sight more than any other sense because it provides them with the ability to see their loved ones, drive vehicles, and work throughout the day. However, some people are unfortunately diagnosed with conditions that can cause them to become blind over the years. If your optometrist in Miami Beach has diagnosed you with a condition that can result in blindness, then you may have some questions about it. While it’s unfortunate to lose a sense that you may consider so valuable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be fully prepared for it.

Questions People Have About Blindness

For those who were born with sight and lose it throughout life, they may have some questions about their condition. A Miami Beach eye doctor can do plenty of things to help their patients retain quality vision, but it’s up to a patient whether or not they take the advice. Here are some of the main questions people have about blindness:

● Will I lose my sight quickly or gradually? The answer to this question entirely depends on the condition you have been diagnosed with. There are some conditions where people can wake up one day without the ability to see anymore, but these are quite rare. With most degenerative vision conditions, sight is gradually lost over time. It could be a few months, or a few years– it all just depends on the condition in question.

● Is losing sight painful? While the condition that’s causing your blindness may be painful at first, it will eventually subside and get to a point where you are no longer in any pain. For example, cancer of the eyes may cause pain and discomfort, but once the tissue is removed, it shouldn’t hurt anymore.

● Can I still do the things I enjoy? Obviously, many things will be out of the question. People who were diagnosed as “legally blind” will not be allowed to drive anymore.

However, being legally blind doesn’t necessarily mean your sight is entirely gone. Some people can still see outlines or silhouettes and make out general shapes, which means they can interact with the world around them to a degree. You can still spend time with your family members and enjoy life, even if your vision is completely gone.

Dealing With Blindness

For those who have gone or will go completely blind, a Miami Beach eye doctor can still be a big help. If someone lost their sight due to a type of optical cancer, then they will want to be examined regularly to ensure that it doesn’t come back in any way. Just because the initial tissue was removed doesn’t mean that the problem can’t come back. Also, people can be supplied with many things to aid them in life, such as a walking stick or being taught to read braille.

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