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Facts About People With Blue Eyes

The color of a person’s eyes is a unique characteristic of their image. Someone’s natural eye color is also going to determine many things about their physiology and personality traits as well. Most eye doctors in Miami are aware of studies that have been conducted on people with certain colored eyes to determine if there are any identifying personality characteristics associated with each color. Interestingly enough, many links were found between certain eye colors and personality traits, which is something that shocks many people. Those who are interested in learning more about what people with blue eyes are prone to doing or are more susceptible to can ask their doctor in Miami Beach to tell them this information.

Things That Are Associated With Blue Eyes

If you were born with blue eyes, then there are many things that you may not realize you share with other blue-eyed people. Here are some of the links that your Miami eye doctor may point out between you and your blue-eyed peers:

● People with blue eyes are typically more tolerant to pain.

● Blue eyes are more sensitive to light.

● Those who have blue eyes are more commonly strategic thinkers.

● People with blue eyes are 12% more likely to develop diabetes than people with other eye colors.

● Those who are born with blue eyes are susceptible to developing a skin condition that’s known as vitiligo.

● Blue-eyed people are physically more tolerant to alcohol, which is why people who have this eye color are more likely to become alcoholics.

Other Interesting Information About People With Blue Eyes

One of the most interesting things that you may find out from your optometrist in Miami Beach is that everybody with blue eyes is related. Blue eyes were not present in the human race until somewhere between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. They first appeared as a genetic mutation in a single human, which was passed down to their offspring and eventually became a very common eye color over this long period of time.The next time you see another person with blue eyes, think about the fact that they share the same ancestor as you from thousands of years ago, even if you are not actually related to that person today at all!

photo credit: Jayt74 Young Blue Eye via photopin (license)