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Fun Facts About Your Eyes

The human eye is one of the most interesting organs in the entire body. It performs so many functions in an instant, and it’s also critical to the daily functions of a person’s life. While most people highly appreciate their eyes and what they do for them, there are many facts about the human eye that people are unaware of. You can ask an eye doctor in Miami to explain some of the more complex workings of the eye if you’re looking for information on how your eye works, but there are some things that even most eye doctors don’t know.

Why Your Eyes Are So Amazing

The basic functions of the eye are amazing themselves, but there are many other amazing eye facts that you may want to know. If eye doctors in Miami are not telling you the fun facts you want to know about the human eye, then check out some of these:

● If the human eye were the same as a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels.

● Everybody with blue eyes can be traced back to a single person who lived around 10,000 years ago.

● Adults with lazy eye have had their condition treated successfully with the game Tetris.

● Your eyes can get sunburned.

● Your eyes will always remain the same size; from birth until death.

● Less than ¼ of the human eye is visible from the exterior of the body.

● About 80% of all vision problems can either be cured easily or could have been easily avoided.

● The choroid in the human eye, which is located behind your retina and full of blood vessels, is the reason that your eyes sometimes appear red in pictures.

● The muscles that control eye movement are the most active in the entire human body.

Appreciate Your Amazing Eyes Properly

While the human eye is incredible for what it can do, it can easily lose its ability to function properly if it’s not cared for. Be sure to meet with your Miami optometrist if you feel that your eyes are bothering you or you are noticing anything out of the ordinary. Even if you feel that something may just be temporary or is not that serious, it’s best to have it checked out just to be sure. Your optometrist in Miami Beach will have no problem examining your eyes and helping you take care of them properly.

photo credit: 2015 – MEXICO – Morelia – Market Merchant via photopin (license)