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Facts About Crossed Eyes

Facts About Crossed Eyes

A condition that many eye doctors in Miami see with their patients is crossed eyes. While some people can cross their eyes by focusing their ocular muscles, others have a condition  where their eyes appear crossed at all times. This is a condition that’s known as strabismus, and it’s most common in people who have poor eye muscles or an extreme case of farsightedness. What some people don’t know about this condition is that it can be treated by their doctor in Miami Beach. Even if someone was born with crossed eyes, they still have options available to them that can correct their condition for good.

What Causes Crossed Eyes?

One of the main things people wonder about is what causes crossed eyes to happen in the first place. There are actually a number of things that can cause this condition, but here are the most common ones seen by a practicing eye doctor.

● An extreme case of farsightedness. People with this condition are going to be focusing extremely hard to see normally, which can lead to an unnatural turning of the eye.

● Medical conditions like down syndrome. Some conditions people are born with cause them to naturally have strabismus.

● Poor eye muscles. Those who have naturally weak eye muscles may develop strabismus over the years.

● A family history of strabismus. If many people in one family have this condition, it’s likely that future offspring will develop it as well.

Treating Crossed Eyes

People who are dealing with a minor case of strabismus may only need to have contacts or glasses prescribed by an optometrist in Miami Beach. Properly focusing vision can solve someone’s crossed eyes in most cases. However, some patients may need prism lenses or special vision therapies that will help them correct their sight. In rare cases, a patient may need to have eye muscle surgery that will correct their problem indefinitely. With advances in modern medicine today, even people who are suffering from extreme cases of strabismus can have their problem treated. Many people with this condition are embarrassed about their appearance, which is why there have been so many treatment options developed. 

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