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Eyes & Memories

When going for a routine eye exam, many people like to ask their Miami Beach eye doctor things they are curious about. One of the things people find most interesting is how their eyes are related to their memories. The eyes play a crucial role in the way someone is able to recall something because sight is the way people remember most details. While smell, taste, and other senses can also invoke memories, sight is the strongest sense to do this. For example, when trying to think of a specific time or place, most people recall the way something looked before they will recall how it tasted or smelled. Your optometrist in Miami Beach will be able to tell you more about how the eyes and memories are related.

How Your Memories Are Affected By Sight

The next time you visit your doctor in Miami Beach, be sure to ask them about your memories. The brain is a very complex organ that processes all of the information in the human body, so it’s interesting to learn how your eyes play a role in the brain’s activity.

● Some people have vivid dreams that they can recall as a clear memory, even years after the dream actually happened.

● Some people may have different memories about a particular object if they see it differently. For example, someone with a slight color blind deficiency will see an object as a different color than someone else, which may affect their ability to recall it clearly. A bright red object is going to be easily recalled, while a brown one may not be as prominent in memory.

● The more emotion someone has about something they are experiencing, the better their memories will form. People will be able to visually recall clearly something that they found exciting.

Proper Eye Care For Proper Memory Development

Being able to think back on something clearly is a gift that humans are granted. Many animals are unable to recall things like humans do. In order to ensure that your eyes are in good health and therefore your memories are crisp and clear, you need to be visiting your eye doctor in Miami on a regular basis. The more often you have your eyes checked, the better off you will be overall. Once your vision becomes damaged, your ability to recall things will be as well.

photo credit: Purr-Fection via photopin (license)