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How Our Eyes & Brain Work Together

The connection of the eyes to the brain is one of the most interesting parts of the human body. If you plan on asking your Miami eye doctor about this relationship, then be prepared to get a complex answer in response. The eyes are connected to the brain by optic nerves, which travel into the visual cortex and occipital lobe of the brain. In order for the brain to receive images in the first place, someone must have their eyes open. When the eyes are open and light passes through the pupil and lands on the retina, it automatically converts the light into electrical signals that the brain can understand. While eye doctors in Miami will tell you that there’s more to this process than these simple steps, that’s basically what happens between the brain and the eyes.

The Connection Between the Brain and Eyes

The relationship between the brain and eyes is a complex one that doctors and scientists are still trying to entirely figure out. While an eye doctor in Miami knows valuable information about the connection between these organs, everything about them and their connection is not known as of yet.

● The reason doctors are unable to transplant someone’s entire eyeball into another person is because of the complex optic nerves that connect the brain and eyes. They consist of millions of tiny fibers which are very complex.

● The optic nerves can be affected by many things. The most common condition that affects the nerves is glaucoma. Untreated pressure buildup in the eyes can cause damage to these nerves, resulting in permanent vision loss.

● People can cause damage to their optic nerves without even having a medical condition. If someone is straining their eyes too hard, then they could eventually cause damage to their eyes that will be irreversible.

Caring For Your Eyes Properly

Those who are concerned about their eyes and health need to be sure they are seeing a Miami optometrist as often as possible. While some people will notice that their vision is changing and make an appointment to be examined, other people will not notice any symptoms at all. This is why it’s best to simply be examined by a medical professional at least once per year to ensure that everything is okay. Getting checked out by a medical professional is the best thing people can do to care for their eyes and health.

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