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Explaining How the Eyes Are Active 24/7

Eye doctors in Miami will be able to tell their patients many interesting facts about their eyes, several of which people were completely unaware of. One fact about the human eyes that shocks many people is the fact that they are active at all times, even when they are asleep. The eyes are constantly in motion; when people are working, driving, writing, reading, and even when they are falling asleep and fast asleep. The constant activity of the eyes is normal and even a sign of good health. REM, or rapid eye movement, is a stage of sleep that’s important to achieve for proper rest. A Miami optometrist will be able to explain more about the eye and why it constantly moves to a curious patient.

How the Eyes Move While Asleep

The eyes are constantly in motion for one reason or another, all of which are automatic movements that happen without people consciously making the decision to do so. An eye doctor in Miami will be able to elaborate more on the reflex movements of the eyes to those who wish to learn about them.

● When people are falling asleep, it usually takes them about 90 minutes to achieve the phase known as REM. Before this time, the sleep period is known as NREM, or non- rapid eye movement.

● REM sleep is where people usually experience vivid dreams. The movement of the eyes may be correlated to the dreams someone is experiencing. If they think they are moving around and looking at objects in their dream, their eyes may respond accordingly, even while shut.

● People still move their eyes when they have their eyelids closed and are not fast asleep. When someone is lying down, they may be having thoughts that cause their eyes to move. It’s normal for the eyes to be in motion while falling asleep even though REM has not yet been achieved.

Can Eye Movement Be a Problem?

Some people think that if they are moving their eyes around too much that it’s going to cause a problem and they will need to get eyeglasses in Miami Beach. However, this is usually not the case. While some people do need glasses because of eye muscle problems, it is usually for a condition that’s unrelated to basic eye movement. Human eyes are meant to be in constant motion, whether a person wants them to be or not.

photo credit: My Eye via photopin (license)