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Eyelids & Eyelashes

[twitter name=”name”] A common question that patients ask Miami eye doctors is what their eyelids are specifically for. Everybody knows that their eyelids are shut while they are sleeping and that this is a natural movement in order to keep them protected at night. However, many people don’t know that the eyelids actually have other functions as well. Those who are curious about their eyelids and what their exact purpose is need to be sure they speak with their doctor in Miami Beach about their concerns. Those who ask their doctor these type of questions usually find out more information than they anticipated.

The Function of the Eyelids

A Miami eye doctor will elaborate on how the eyelids protect the eyeballs to those who want to learn more about this, and they will also explain other functions of the eyelids as well.

How the Eyelashes Keep Your Eyes Safe

The eyelids play a major role in protecting the eyes, but the eyelashes also play an important role themselves. When the eyes are closed, the lashes form a barrier that prevents debris from getting inside the eyelids. The lashes are also present to give people an extra moment of reaction time to protect their eyes. For example, when something comes in contact with the eyelashes unexpectedly, a person is going to naturally shut their eyes and turn their head. For those who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach, wearing them at all times will also aid in protecting the eyes from foreign objects. The glass barrier will keep out wind, dust, debris, and all sorts of things that can harm a person’s eyes.

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