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Eye Technology

Many eye doctors in Miami try to keep up with the latest technologies available so they can be well-informed about the newest devices on the market if their patients happen to ask. There are plenty of different eye technologies that are already on the market, and there are some exciting technologies making their way. There are even some devices that people may have never heard of before, and some that sound like they are straight out of the future. If you want to ask your Miami Beach eye doctor about what to expect for eye technology over the next decade, you are going to be in for a surprise. Within the next ten years, there are some very useful pieces of technology that are going to become available to the average consumer and doctors alike.

Most Advanced Eye Technology Coming to the Market

When new eye technologies become available for everybody, people are going to be very excited about the possibilities for them. There are some devices that very useful which are already available as well. If you have any concerns about how new eye technology is going to affect your vision, be sure to speak with your doctor in Miami Beach.

● Google Glass. This is a device that’s already available to anybody, but it has proven very useful for doctors. Anybody can use it, but it is a wearable device that can provide a screen-like view at the edge of a person’s vision. Many surgeons have used this to assist them during operations.

● Contact lenses with zoom. Scientists and doctors are already working on a pair of contacts that allow someone to zoom their vision without the need for a telescope. The right blinking pattern will allow someone to see objects up to 3x their normal size.

● Liquid crystal contact lenses with image display. Somewhat similar to Google Glass except in contacts form, these futuristic contact lenses will allow someone to see an image displayed directly on their eyes. They are already in the works, but many kinks need to be worked out before they would become available.

The Future of Eye Technology

While the aforementioned products are just some of the things that anybody can be excited about, there are also things coming to the market that are going to excite optometrists in Miami Beach. There are newer and more advanced imaging technologies coming to the market that will make it much easier for an eye doctor to examine their patients’ eyes, both inside and out. There are also more advanced lasers becoming available that are going to help surgeons perform optical procedures. Both doctors and patients are going to greatly benefit from them the technological advances that are currently being made.

photo credit: In The Garden via photopin (license)