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Exploring Eye Exams in Miami

People who take their health seriously are going to visit their eye doctor in Miami at least once per year. This appointment is scheduled so your eye doctor can examine your eyes and make sure that there are no problems lurking in your future. There are many optical conditions that don’t have any serious symptoms, which is why these exams are so important. Those who have not had an eye exam in several years are likely wondering what’s going to happen at their appointment. In most cases, eye doctors in Miami will run a few basic tests and physically examine your eyes. They will also speak to you about your family history with vision problems or other health issues that can contribute to the health of your sight.

What Happens During a Normal Eye Exam

If you are seeing your Miami optometrist for a standard checkup, then the appointment is going to be fairly quick and easy. Here are the main things that will happen during your exam:

● Your eye doctor may dilate your pupils using special eye drops that allow them to see the internal structures of your eyes. Examining the inside of your eyes is crucial in determining any issues with them.

● A conversation about family health history. Your eye doctor will want to know about any vision problems your family members have had, and they will also ask about other health conditions that are related to vision problems, such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

● Vision tests such as the Snellen chart. This is the chart which has larger numbers/letters at the top of it which get smaller towards the bottom. This chart is used to determine how well you are able to see objects at a certain distance. There are also special machines your eye doctor may ask you to look through while they ask you questions about what you are looking at.

Concluding Your Regular Exam

After the exam is complete, your eye doctor will either tell you that your vision is in good shape and your eyes are healthy, or they may write you a prescription. The prescription can be anything from eyeglasses in Miami Beach to special eye drops to help with a particular condition. If another issue is found, then a treatment plan will be put together to give you the best chance of retaining your vision. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, then be sure to get examined regularly and take the advice of your eye doctor.

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