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Eye Diseases 101

Most people are aware of common visual problems that can affect the way people see, but there are also other conditions that can affect someone’s vision. Miami optometrists sometimes come across eye diseases that require more extensive treatments than simply prescribing someone contacts or glasses. Some diseases can be treated easily, but there are others that will require extensive treatments or possibly even optical surgery. Also, there are some eye diseases which no known treatments are available for. While eye diseases are more rare than simple vision problems, they do happen to people and need to be treated properly. Your Miami eye doctor will know exactly what to do in order to help you resolve or treat your eye issues.

Eye Diseases You May Know About

As with all medical conditions, some are extremely rare and some are more common than others. Here are some of the eye diseases that are seen by eye doctors in Miami Beach:

● Conjunctivitis. This condition is also known as “pink eye” and is usually quite simple to treat. The redness of a patient’s eye is often caused by bacteria or irritants. This condition usually goes away on its own, but special eye drops can also be used to speed the process along.

Graves Disease. This is a condition that’s rare, but it’s where a patient experiences an enlargement of the eye muscles that causes the eyeballs to protrude farther than normal. Patients will experience a hard time closing their eyes, resulting in chronic dryness that can become problematic. There are both drugs and surgical procedures to help with this condition.

Strabismus. This is where a patient’s eyes are not aligned with one another. There are varying forms of this condition, but they are all mostly treatable with special eyewear, an eyepatch, or surgery in rare cases.

● Optic Neuropathy. Patients who suffer from this experience inflammation of the optic nerves, most commonly in just one eye. Vision will diminish over a few days, but it usually gets better on its own. Treatments are available. However, those who experience this need to be further examined as it’s a strong precursor of Multiple Sclerosis.

Treating Various Eye Diseases

Your optometrist will be able to determine if your condition can be treated with eyeglasses in Miami Beach or if you will need further treatment. Also, the majority of eye diseases that people deal with are temporary and can be treated without the need for surgery. However, there’s no way to know what treatment you will need unless you make an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss your condition. Regular checkups ensure that your eye problems can be caught and treated early.

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