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Eye Disabilities

Those who work as an eye doctor in Miami Beach see all types of eye disabilities on a regular basis. People come in with myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia, glaucoma, and many other types of conditions. In most cases, people who have their conditions identified early enough can be prescribed treatments that will prevent their sight from diminishing over the years. Even people with more severe conditions, such as glaucoma, can have their visual acuity preserved with the right treatments. This is one of the main reasons an eye doctor in Miami is going to recommend their patients to come in at least once per year; people with a family history of glaucoma may be recommended to come in twice per year, though.

Common Eye Conditions

Though an optometrist in Miami Beach is going to see plenty of different disabilities throughout their career, some are more common than others. Here are the most common eye conditions that an eye doctor sees:

● Nearsightedness. This is a condition where people can see up close but not far away.

● Farsightedness. This is a condition where people can see far away but not up close.

Presbyopia (similar to farsightedness, but caused by aging).

● Glaucoma. This is a condition that’s related to pressure in the eyes.

● Conjunctivitis. This is also known as pinkeye.

● Cataracts. A clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Can be treated easily with a minor operation.

Preventing Eye Diseases In General

Those who are worried about retaining the current health of their eyes need to be sure they are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and possibly taking extra supplements as well. There are certain Vitamins and nutrients the body needs to retain the best eye health possible, and consuming them on a regular basis ensures someone’s eyes are as healthy as they can be. In addition to eating right, get regular exams from your Miami Beach eye doctor and you will surely not have any serious problems to deal with. Even if a serious problem develops, your eye doctor will be able to catch and treat it before it’s able to damage your sight.

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